We know that the wounds from war are not confined to the battle field. Refugees from conflict zones often continue to experience trauma from persecution, imprisonment, torture and resettlement for a long time. Thus, it is important to understand the challenges of refugee families and communities.2 This piece identifies some red flags for post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) according to age, gender and culture, and provides some guiding principles for mental health workers in caring for refugees.*
Every day as a result of conflict, thousands of civilians are killed or injured. More than half of these victims are children. The days when the captain of a sinking ship ordered women and children first onto lifeboats are just a fading notion. The Second World War was a watershed when civilian victims were as numerous as combatants. Now, in almost all current conflicts, civilians are the majority of casualties, with children suffering disproportionately. According
Learning to read is a milestone in every child’s life. Those of us who are parents, teachers, and older siblings, can fondly remember the first time your daughter, student or brother was able to read a sentence and how proud and happy that made you feel. Reading is a foundational skill. It is a precondition for active participation in society – a gateway to all other learning outcomes. It is also associated with the mastery
يعد فقر التعلّم – أي النسبة المئوية للأطفال في سن العاشرة غير القادرين على القراءة – سمة جوهرية للفقر على مستوى العالم. ويتطلب تناول جميع الخطوات الضرورية اللازمة للوصول إلى أطفال قادرين على القراءة في العقد الأول من أعمارهم العمل على أصعدة متعددة. فلكي يتمكن الأطفال من التعلم يجب أولًا أن يتمكنوا من البقاء على قيد الحياة والنماء؛ ويجب أن تحظى أسرهم بالقدرة على الحصول على الخدمات الجيدة؛ ويجب أن تتوفر للفتيات الفرص نفسها التي
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